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We supply LiFePO4 batteries at affordable prices.

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Why use LiFePO4

Learn all about LiFePO4 batteries right here.

Lithium iron phosphate battery technology is the latest battery technology bringing a safer and lighter battery to the consumer. 

A massive increase in charge cycles and greater capacity over lead acid or Gel batteries.

Built in battery management systems and optional blue tooth communication for checking battery conditions.

LifePO4 batteries can discharge 90% of stored energy without damage known as depth of discharge.

All batteries have a DOD. It’s typical to expect a battery using lead acid and gel compounds to give a 50% DOD. This means if, for example, such a battery is rated at 100Ah, it will only provide usable power of 50Ah. LiFOS has a 90% DOD, providing 100Ah of usable power as the true AH of these units are 110AH, which means that to replicate the available power provided by LiFOS, a +180Ah lead acid or gel battery would be needed.

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LifePO4 is a featherweight @ aprox 10kgs per 100AH. When compared to a good quality 100Ah lead acid battery at circa 30kgs, it gives an impressive weight saving – and in motor campers, caravans and boats, saving  kilograms can be crucial.

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I have been using 2 x 100AH batteries for over a year now and am more than happy with the benifits. It has been a game changer for me on my boat. They charge so much quicker which means in the winter months I run my engine over 50% less to charge when there is little solar.
obvioulsy this saves fuel and ware and tare.

Hugo Ambler

I have been off grid for over 10 years and was amazed with the capabilities of LiFePO4 units. Currently running 2x 150AH 12v batteries.
Mark is super helpful and has always been available for any questions I had on usage, as they behave different to my old lead acid.

Steve Stav

My service from LiFePower was extremely friendly and considerate of my needs. The quality of the battery is good and I felt confident in buying my 200ah 24v units from Mark, rather than importing myself from China.
I've got loads of power and the after sales care I got am really happy with.

Joe Robertson

 I fitted 2x200AH LiFePower lithium in a hybrid setup in February, did a few shakedown trips and have been ccing since March. I an a cautious bloke and but now I am living on the boat using power without thought and it's amazing, I have 930w of solar 400amps of lithium in hybrid with 2x110amp SLA, and a starter that just does its thing, since March cruising every 5 to 7 days I have not started the engine for charging, initially I occasionally used gas to boil the kettle and cook but from mid April gas hasn't been used except to bake bread or pizza. Since April cooking has been by induction hobs. Our fridge freezer is 240v so our 2.5kw inverter is on 24/7.

My wife uses a hair dryer, steam iron, the washing machine is just used from the batteries and in the hot weather now.

I took the plunge and have started using the immersion heater for hot water. If you live on your boat and want to simply live an easy life, it's a game changer, I am truly amazed. The outlay was expensive but I needed new leisure batteries so the cost was off set, and not using the engine at all, apart from to move has saved a lot of cash in diesel, as well as not using gas. Anyone toying, but nervous about going for it, just do it, the sooner you do it, the sooner you can live easier and the sooner you start saving money.

Rich Davidson

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LiFOS does not emit noxious gases therefore does not need to be housed in a specially vented chamber. LiFOS has a huge operating temperature range of -20 to +60 °C and it can be used in any orientation (e.g. on its side), although on its base will give the best performance. Like all batteries it should not be allowed to discharge fully over a long period and if it will be left without any power input for a 6-month period the LiFOS must be charged. A warning will be sent via the blue tooth communication, if you have this option.

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