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12v 100ah Bluetooth  liFePO4

12v 100ah Bluetooth liFePO4


100AH LiFePower Bluetooth BMS.

10 Year Warranty 


App Downloads.



I Phone


A grade EVE prismatic cells.


Fitted with JBD (Overkill) fully programable BMS.

See review on this BMS here.



Please note

Supplied with m8 bolts only.

If you require posts please add a note when ordering and they will be added to your order.



With low temp charge protection.


Full aftermarket support.

Free next day delivery.


Direct replacement for a lead acid battery, as long as your incoming charge and discharge fall within the parameters the BMS.

A normal automatic car charger will also charge these units on a sealed lead acid setting.


*Please note if your vehicle is fitted with a smart alternator a DC to DC charger should be used.





Battery Type LiFePO4Nominal Voltage 12.8V

Nominal Capacity 100AhEnergy 1.2KWhInternal

Resistance ≤20mΩSeries & Parallel

Application up to 4 series 4 parallel connected application

Recommended Charge Voltage 14.6±0.2V

Float Charge Voltage 13.8±0.2V

Charge Method CC/Solar/AlternatorDischarge

Cut-off Voltage 10.0V

Standard Charge Current 100AMax.

Continuous Discharge Current 100APulse

Discharge Current (<5s) 200-400A

Short Curcuit protection

Cycle Life >2000 cycles

Dimension Length: 320±2mm Width: 170±2mm Height: 220±2mm

Weight 10.6±0.2Kg

Operation Temperature Range Charge: 0~45℃;

Discharge: -20~60℃

Recommended operating temperature: 15℃~35℃

Self-Discharge Rate Residual capacity: ≤3%/month; ≤15%/years

Reversible capacity: ≤1.5%/month; ≤8%/years

Storage Temperature & Humidity Range Less than 1 month: -20℃~35℃, 45%RH~75%RH

Less than 3 months: -10℃~35℃, 45%RH~75%RH

Recommended storage environment: 15℃~35℃,45%RH~75%RH

  • Technical specifications

    Cell Brand


    Cell Chemistry


    Nominal Voltage


    Ampere-hour Capacity


    Cycles @ 100% DOD

    More than 2000cycles DOD100% @1.0C




    330*173*220mm or 12.99*6.81*8.66 in

    Case Material

    ABS or Metal, or customizable

    Charge Temperature

    0°C to 55°C

    Discharge Temperature

    -20°C to 65°C

    Max charging current

    100A or customizable

    Max discharging current

    100A or customizable



  • 10 year warranty

    This warranty covers batteries that become unusable or unserviceable due to defects in material and/or workmanship. Warranty period commences from date of initial purchase. This warranty covers the  LiFePower product range that are sized properly and used in the application for which it was intended and charged with an approved charging profile. Proof of purchase and return of good(s) in question must accompany any request for warranty. No exceptions 



    24hr Tracked, fully insured UPS

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