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The period of warranty is 10  years from the date of shipment. Faults and manufacturing defects can occur with any electrical device and we aim to make the process as simple and pain free as possible. LiFPower guarantees to give a replacement in case of cells or BMS with defects proven to be due to manufacturing process (instead of customer abuse and misuse, or general wear and tear).
It is important that you contact us as soon as you notice a fault with your battery. We can talk you through a few simple tests that will help identify any issues. If we cannot resolve the problem remotely then we will arrange to collect the battery from you, and return to our warehouse for testing. Any shipping fees incurred for approved warranty returns will be covered by LiFePower.
The BMS stores data for every charge and discharge event so we are able to analyse the history of the battery and determine the likely cause of the issues. In the event of a proven manufacturing defect or battery failure that meets the below warranty terms and conditions, we will either repair the battery (usually by replacing internal components such as cells or the BMS) or replace the entire battery with an equivalent (or better) product from our current range. If we are unable to repair or provide a suitable replacement then we will refund the original purchase price.
If we cannot reproduce the problem or if the defect or failure is found to have been caused by customer abuse or misuse then we will return the battery to you, or if you prefer, we can recycle the battery. Depending on the state of the battery, we may be able to offer a credit towards an upgrade. Any shipping costs incurred as a result of a rejected warranty claim will be charged to you.

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At LiFePower we understand that having uninterrupted power is important to you, as you may this may be your life line.

Every effort will be made to ensure you are not left without power for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

In most cases in the rare event of a hardware failure, a new unit will be shipped out to you an an exchange can be made at point of delivery. 

LiFePower trusts in its products and holds its customers in equally high regard.

Warranty: Our Products


This Limited Warranty is designed to protect you against manufacturing defects. It does not cover:

  • Damage due to improper installation; loose terminal connections, under-sized cabling, incorrect connections (series or parallel where not specifically supported), short circuits or reverse polarity connections

  • Damage caused by incorrect charging including the use of unsupported lead acid only chargers, or charged at a voltage or current that exceeds the recommended parameters

  • Environmental damage; inappropriate storage conditions; exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures, fire or freezing, or water damage

  • Damage caused by collision or impact

  • Damage due to improper maintenance; under- or over-charging the Product, dirty terminal connections

  • Product that has been opened, modified or tampered with

  • Product that was used for applications other than which it was designed and intended for, including engine starting

  • Product that was used on an over-sized inverter/charger (any inverter/charger that is rated to 3200 Watts or greater) without the use of a Manufacturer-approved current surge limiting device

  • Product that was under-sized for the application, including an Air Conditioner or similar device having a locked rotor start-up up current that is not used in conjunction with a Manufacturer-approved surge-limiting device

  • Product not stored in adherence to the Manufacturer’s storage guidelines, including storage of the Product at low state-of-charge, 100% state of charge, at temperatures exceeding 40 degrees C.

This Limited Warranty does not cover a Product that has reached its normal end of life due to usage which may occur prior to the Warranty Period. A battery can deliver only a fixed amount of Energy over its life which will occur over different periods of time depending on the application.

For example, cycling the battery more than 2 times daily, may cause the normal end of life to occur before the end of the Warranty Period. The Manufacturer reserves the right to deny a warranty claim if the Product is determined, upon inspection, to be at its normal end of life even if within the Warranty Period.

The suggested number of lifetime cycles is an indication based on laboratory test conditions and is not a guarantee. It is likely that in real world conditions, the achieved number of cycles will be lower especially if you have not followed the recommended care guidelines.

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