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LiFePO4 For Life

Welcome to LiFe Batteries, we are a UK based dedicated liFePO4 battery supplier.

Our aim is to make the change to lithium as easy and affordable as possible.

LiFePower is one of the longest serving lithium suppliers in the UK, with over 20 years off grid experience, we can safely say we know a thing or two about living full time off grid.

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Lightweight high capacity lithium iron phosphate. 

This is the turning point for battery technology, with inbuilt JBD battery management system, these batteries give a full charge cycle, giving the ability to use all stored energy efficiently without damage to cells, unlike a conventional lead acid.

No liquids to spill or gassing,  completely safe and stable energy storage.

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From the onset we have been dedicated to bringing a quality product at an affordable price. After spending over 20 years living off grid from  lead acid batteries, it was obvious that the emerging new tech of Lithium LiFePO4 is going to change the lives of many.

It was also obvious that there were unscrupulous sellers who were out to make a quick profit with no knowledge of their market and making huge markups and margins, leaving the customer with no after sales care and future warranty issues.

In the words of one very well known supplier in a telephone conversation I had 4 years ago  "Lithium ! don't even think about it, you will set yourself on fire", to them them now selling their own brand.

So over the last 5 years we have be solely responsible for bringing the cost down to end user by avoiding expensive google ad campaigns, ebay fees and third party handling charges.

With the help of our manufacturing team we put together quality EVE cells, and a trusted programmable BMS by JBD, and a quality build. 

Thus being able to pass the benefits onto you, using old school business models such as repeat custom, word of mouth and high levels of customer care,

With huge support from existing, and new customers finding us daily, LiFePower feel very humbled and blessed with the feedback of the benefits that people are experiencing from making the switch to lithium.

It's our mission to make the change  as easy and stress free as possible.

Life Batteries will honour our warranty in multiple applications, including the hybrid set up, which is becoming an easy entry point into adding lithium to your life.

We don't mind if you mix battery chemistries if that's the way you wish to go.

So if your thinking of improving the quality of your life and need a helping hand please feel free to get in touch, there is no such thing as a stupid question.  


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Being one of the first suppliers of lithium in the UK we have been pushing the envelope by advocating adding Lithium to your existing Lead acid bank.

Many said it could not be done, but we knew with extensive testing and BMS programming this was not the case.

Unlike lead acid and AGM which have different wants and needs, the Battery management in a lithium battery can be tailored to fit.

There is no need to change your system and its is a compliment to your lead acid bank.

It negates the need for adding in what can be costly and complicated electronics. 

We have always stated there is no such thing as a true drop in lithium, especially in system where a dedicated house bank alternator is used.

We found that the hybrid solution was not only a cost effective solution, but simple and reliable.

Click below for a more indepth look.  

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