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JBD  4  S 150A 12v

JBD 4 S 150A 12v



Designed for use with LiFePO4 cells.

These BMS units have the following features:


  • Over Voltage Protection: If any cell(s) in your pack exceeds a safe voltage, the BMS will stop charging current from passing through, but will allow loads to draw power from the BMS without needing to be manually reset.  The BMS will automatically reset when voltages fall back within a safe range allowing for charging.
  • Under Voltage Protection: If any cell cells(s) in your pack fall below a safe voltage, the BMS will stop power from being removed from your battery pack, while simultaneously allowing charge current to enter to bring the cells above the minimum safe voltage.
  • Over Current & Short Circuit Protection: If you accidently draw too much power from your batteries, the BMS will interrupt this current, preventing damage to your batteries.
  • Under Temperature Protection: LiFePO4 batteries cannot be charged below 0° C (32° F). This BMS will disable charging when temperatures are too low, and automatically re-enable charging when temperatures are back within safe limits.  Limits may be adjusted using USB Programming Cable.
  • Over Temperature Protection: This BMS will completely turn off if the temperature probe(s) detect temperatures in excess of 75° C (167°F), preventing damage to batteries in high-heat applications.
  • Fan-free design; No moving parts to fail, or airflow path requirements.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, compatible with Android & iOS with use of included Bluetooth Dongle.

Note: This BMS has a built in passive balancer, capable of 50ma of balance current.  Before assembling your battery bank, we suggest manually top balancing, or utilizing an Active Cell Balancer instead.  If you are using low-quality or B-grade cells, the BMS will not provide enough balance current without the addition of an Active Cell Balancer.


Bluetooth Dongle for Monitoring via Smart Phone (IOS & Android Compatible)

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